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Graphic design services

Your Dilemma

Freelance graphic designer

If you've ever outsourced graphic design then you know that the quality of service between different designers - or the same designer on different days - can vary widely. One day they pick up the phone and are quick to help, charging a reasonable rate. The next time you need them they are unreachable, the quality is lower, or they charge too much.

Our Solution

Professional graphic designers

We promise the same quality and attention to detail you should expect from a designer, plus exceptional service at a fair price. When you call or email, we'll respond quickly. When you have a question, we'll answer informatively. When you need something designed, we'll design it well, deliver it on time, and bill our standard rate. Every single time.

An Example

Graphic design customer

Steve owns a business. Every so often he needs design work done. His logo, website, flyers, advertisements, brochures, and emails are all critical to the success of his marketing plan. With Graphic LA, Steve knows that when he needs something designed he can expect great work, fast service, and a fair price. That's why Steve switched to us.