App Design

  • Hybrid Mobile App
    $800/screen - 2 days

    We build apps with JavaScript to support a variety of platforms.

  • Add Platforms
    $1,200/platform - 1 week

    We can compile your app for iOS, Android, Windows, and the Web.

  • API Development
    $800/endpoint - 2 days

    A scaleable back end for apps that require server communication.

  • 3rd Party Services
    $400/service - 1 day

    Use third-party services like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

"I highly recommend Graphic LA for website design! Besides the technological competence, I was very satisfied with the human element: They are very easy to work with and explain everything so that those of us who are not technologically savvy do not feel incompetent! I am very happy with the final product that was created by Graphic LA."— Arie W.